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Posted by C.Veltman on July 03, 2000 at 16:56:40:

In Reply to: Help with choosing an instrument please? posted by John Precious on July 03, 2000 at 13:56:59:

Hello John !

We seem to have been doing exactly the same thing although you in the UK and me in Sweden....
(I am playing elctric bass guitar as a profession.)

I did try many basses in various pricerange and most of the seemed just as you described it, dead.
This is when playing pizz.
When visiting one of Swedens foremost jazzplayers I found the answer although at the time not aware of it.
He had a preWW II Chez bass with a very fine SUSTAIN and treble although a deep bass sound.I did also like the strings fitted.

A few weeks back I tryed out an mid 1800century bass with different brands of strings fitted,the string that produced a clear tone and sustain was of one brand.....

I bought my frist double bass about 4 weeks ago. New strings had to be bought and players recomended Pirastro flexocore.......
the sound still was "dead" with pizz playing.
Back to the store again and this time I bought Dr.Tomastik Kunstlersaiten weich....and WOW !
Suddenly the sustain was there but also a fine "singing" tone when using a bow (arco).
These strings are more "difficult" for arco but are for me,
the solution against a "dead" bass.

I did take a risk when buing my own DB as Pirastro strings were fitted but somehow I judged the bass to have a good sound.
(This because it sounded fine when bowing).
For me these Tomastic strings made all the difference.
I also believe that being a bassguitar player I have different angle/reference on the subject sustain,this in comparisson to the "real" DB players.
My prefernce is a long tone were I decide when it should stop
sounding and not the bass...

My EB is an Alembic series I fitted with round wound string,
a VERY sustaining bassguitar.
Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Christian Veltman
BTW, Robs reply is very interesting and true.

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