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Posted by David Kaczorowski on September 24, 2000 at 13:54:11:

In Reply to: how to practice intonation and bowing posted by Rudy Zulkarnaen on September 22, 2000 at 20:22:29:

: hey... i'm a begining upright bass player and trying to teach myself how to do it. i already have a lot experience playing electric 'fender' bass. currently i'm working with the bow and intonation. so i wanna ask to many experienced player in this board for any tips in practicing intonation and bowing (i am using german bow). few days ago i have an idea to practice my intonation using chromatic tuner. i haven't tried it yet (i don't own any upright, i borrowed it from a friend). what do you think about this???

I assume you mean a tuner with a little needle or some lights that visually indicate

how in tune you are. That's a very bad idea. That method won't really help you

train your ear to hear in tune. Buy a tuner that produces sustained pitches. When

you're practicing scales, and even pieces, turn on the tuner, set it to either the

tonic note or the dominant, and let it blaire that pitch at you while you play.

The point is that you have to be able to rely on your ear to tell you you're in

tune or out of tune. Having that pitch screaming at you will not only help you to

hear a note, you'll learn to hear a note in tune as it relates to the key. For

example a fourth from Bb to Eb will sound different in the key of Ab major, where

in relation to the tonic (Ab) it's the second to the fifth of the key, than in the

key of Bb major where the same interval, between the same two notes, is the tonic

to the fourth of the key.

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