Denver, Colorado


Joe Whalen

Denver, Colorado

E - Mail :

Phone: (303) 922-3810

Price: $55 a month for one 30 min. lesson each week

Joe's statement:

"I stay fairly consistent with my teaching schedule, if I need to play out of town, I usually have enough time to inform my students. Stylistically, I can teach Ska, Country, Gospel, Classic, Punk, and Modern Rock, but personally I gravitate towards Jazz and Funk. I teach both the electric and the acoustic upright bass. I emphasize the rhythm of the bass, and the groove aspect of playing. If you are looking for flashy tricks, I have a few, but you probably would be better off finding some one else who might be better apt to move in that direction. Also, if you are looking for speed metal style, I am not your man.

Individuality is the main concept I teach to my students. No matter what the style of music, I feel that the greatest players are the ones who pour their heart and soul in to each note they play. During the lesson time, I encourage each student to express themselves through their bass, no matter if we are working on a song, or scales, whatever."

Levels taught : Beginner - Intermediate - Some Advanced (depending on


Required texts: Differs from student to student.

Experience: I have been teaching for the last 7 years. Currently, I am playing in 3 different groups. The first one is a private party band which is represented by Pro Entertainment. Second, I am performing weekly with Robert Johnson, a local original funk band. Finally, I play weekly with a jazz quintet called The Swanky Modes.

Press clipping: I was profiled in a December '97 Bass Player article on bass instructors.

Main influences: Roger Waters was my first bass idol, so I know that his playing has influenced me. Paul Chambers, Tony Levin, Charles Mingus, Paul McCartney, Ray Brown, Bootsy Collins, and Jaco are also up there.

Venue: I teach out of the Colorado School of Music. I have a private studio there, and I also teach classes when time permits.

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