by Adam Nitti

This is a question you might be asking yourself as you peruse this website. Okay-So you've got a good steady gig. Your playing has shown some improvement over the years. When you play, you have a certain level of confidence in what your doing. You may have even conditioned yourself to the fact that you don't plan on ever trying to be a Victor Wooten or John Patitucci, and therefore may be content with where you are musically (for the time being). Although you might not read music, you haven't ever been in a situation that required it. So what will bass lessons do for you?

At some point in your playing career, you've probably been inspired by either a specific bassist, a particular band, or a type of music that you might not have much experience playing, yourself. The inspirational moments you may have experienced while listening to this player, band or music struck someplace inside you, and therefore moved you emotionally. For most of us, these moments are what motivate our creativity either directly through our own music or indirectly through other aspects of our lives.

So why all the mumbo-jumbo about motivation and inspiration??? Unless our basses were just purchased to function as a dust collectors, I think we can all agree that we wouldn't mind being better players than we are now. Inspiration yields the desire to improve. Bass lessons, regardless of the medium in which they are taught, obviously provide a way to become more proficient with our craft. They can remedy a variety of problems:

This website can help you with any of these problems and much more. However, there is one problem that no instructional resource can help you with on its own, and that is YOUR DESIRE to improve. That's got to come from inside you, and you can't get it out of a book or teacher. As long as you stay in control of that one, you are on your way to success! So, set your sights high, and never give up. You will soon find that you've achieved things you never thought imaginable on the bass!

Adam Nitti




Adam Nitti is currently the head bass dude at the Atlanta Institute of Music, and an SWR endorsee. Read the rest of his extensive and impressive bio at http://www.basslessons.com/nitti.html

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