THE WOODSHEDDING SOURCEBOOK The Ultimate Practice Method For All Bass Clef Instruments, by Emile De Cosmo. Hal Leonard Publishing, 1997, $19.95

Emile De Cosmo has written a number of books under the heading "Polytonal Rhythm Series." This book is a compendium of concepts from that series and it includes a play along CD with a full rhythm section.

This series showcases scale studies in an interesting way. Mr. De Cosmo starts with 51 rhythmic phrases, and shows you how to utilize them with the seven modes and scales as diverse as the Byzantine, Arabian, Harmonic Minor, and Melodic Minor. He then shows you how to use these patterns with the Cycle of Fifths, the Diatonic cycle, and the Tritone cycle as well as the II-V progression.

Each page of studies involves different harmonic areas and includes all keys! The benefits include sight reading proficiency, harmony and theory knowledge, and most importantly, developing the ear.

I am not a fan of mindless finger exercises and can safely say that this book will give you hours upon hours of material to develop more than just your chops!

David Gross

Bassist David C Gross is the author of 6 books, "Teach Yourself Rock Bass," "Teach Yourself Fretless Bass," "Heavy Metal Riffs for Bass," and "Improvising Rock Bass," all published by Music Sales Corp. His brand new releases are entitled "The Harmonic Colours for Bass," published by Warner Bros., and "Mastering the 6 String Bass," published by Hal Leonard. He also writes for Bassics, Bass Frontiers, Downbeat, and Musician magazines.


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