Re: Any Eudoxa or Oliv users?

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Posted by David Kaczorowski on June 15, 2001 at 10:22:37:

In Reply to: Any Eudoxa or Oliv users? posted by Roger Scheib on June 15, 2001 at 00:19:04:

I use a full set of olivs for jazz and orchestral, everything. They're an incredible
arco string. I like the pizz too, it's very similar to the sound you hear on old
jazz records. They're dark. My only complaint is pizz on the E string can be tough
to get to speak.

I played Eudoxa on another bass. I didn't really get a good feel because the cat
had a light gauge set. They're brighter and more flexible than Oliv. There was no
problem with pizz on the E. Arco was pretty decent, but it lacked that lush quality
that makes me so in love with the Oliv strings. Maybe it'd be better on my bass and
with a heavier gauge, I don't know. I'm thinking about trying these out, right now
though I'm undecided.

Last week at the ISB convention I played a bass with Velvet Anima strings. The pizz
was great, though, again, I wasn't sure about what I thought of the arco. Like
traditional gut, they have a very small area in which you can bow them. They are
very low tension, which would require some alteration of my arco technique. And,
compared to the arco sound of the olivs, IMO, they're not as nice. The way they attach
to the tailpiece is strange as well. The gut core (which btw, I was told isn't all
gut, but has some kind of synthetic in w/the gut) doesn't extend all the way to the
tailpiece. There is a synthetic wrap from the end of the string that attaches the
string to the tailpiece with a loop to the tailpiece. The core of the string is not
anchored to the tailpiece.

I hope this helps.

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