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Posted by Glen on July 25, 2000 at 11:42:51:

In Reply to: Re: Pros and cons of 5's ....I'm really surprised posted by Kenny on July 25, 2000 at 10:23:02:

When I said what I said about spacing, it obviously came from my limited perspective. It happens to be what I've experienced in music stores, w/ friends' basses, etc. That is why I am sure to include IMO in my posts. I'm aware it's only my opinion - I NEVER put it out there as an immutable fact. However, I think it's valid advice "for someone who does not know much", since that indicates beginner status - do beginners regularly fork over $1300 for a bass? And differing opinions needn't create tension; they only do so when folks operate under the misguided belief that their opinions are fact. JMO :)


: Your pitch may not work so well because the low B is actually a little lower than the ear can hear with precision. So I don't think we can blame the string for that. And you missed my point about the spacing.......there are many basses out there that are made or can be made with the same spacing as a 4. So saying that all five strings have tight string spacing would be infact false. I can't use your guitar example but, on a nicely built 5 the B should tighten up with some tinkering no matter which string gauge you use. Besides, I have a couple nice 5's with nice tight B strings that do not make the tuner go crazy. I've seen basses that do that, but some of those posts were turning the person off with generalizations that may only be true for some basses. I payed less than $1300 for both of mine and they are great basses. And you can trust that I am not the type to put up with a poorly built bass. I don't want to tense things around here, I just felt that some advice was given that wasn't exactly fair to the person in need of it.

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