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Posted by Mickster on November 13, 2000 at 12:40:56:

In Reply to: nice fretless posted by Neil on November 12, 2000 at 02:10:13:

: I was wondering who makes a good fretless bass that looks good too.

Hey Neil, what's up?

As far as what looks good, that's purely subjective.
Im my opinion, whether you play bass or not, or whether you like the idea
of a fretless bass, there's something about a bass with a rosewood or ebony
fingerboard without frets that looks almost too beautiful to describe.It just
looks so aesthetically appealling.Even none musicians think so.Playing it well
with reasonable pitch is another matter.I have a fretless with line markers
and it's not much harder to play than a regular fretted bass; in fact when I
go back to my fretted, it feels restictive to me now.It's like what are these
annoying pieces of metal doing in the neck.O.K. So who makes a good one?
Starting at the bottom price wise, there's Carlo Robelli.I don't know if
you've ever heard of them.They're a budget line that's been out at least 30
years, but lately they've put out some dynamite looking basses and most are
under $350.00.Sam Ash carries them.They make one model that's $179.00 with
an unlined fretless neck.It's got the typical P-bass, J-bass pickup set up.
Once you get out of the entry level basses, the prices go up pretty fast.
I don't know your budget, but money being no object, a fretless Zon, Alembic
Ken Smith or Padulla could live in my house.There's also a few Carvin's that
look nice.As I've told others: Go to each manufacturer's website, their entire
line should be there.Oh, Spector, don't let me forget Spector.I just received
their catalog in the mail and boy they look good.If you buy something, Neil,
let us know.This is the best place for truthful, unsolicitated reviews.
Hope this helped,
The Mickster

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