Introduction and some questions...amps, pedals, cabs...etc....

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Posted by Vibrolux on April 24, 2000 at 22:15:09:

Hey all!

I'm new to the bass world...only 'cause I waited to get a GREAT deal on a GREAT bass. I'm a geetar player by trade but LOVE bass & drums. I make my living through teaching and giging...guitar mostly but would LOVE to and WILL be including bass. I recently got a '75 Jazz...for $300.00 Canadian! has EMG's in it now but he also gave me the original pu's. It has a different bridge and a new paint job...(I'm having it restored to it's original natural finish soon). I have spent ALOT of time playing finger-style guitar so switching over to and playing convincing bass is really no problem and I really LOVE it! I am going to search out some strictly bass work in my community....I play in a trio where myself and the other guitar player switch back and forth between guitar and bass...but to be truthful....I'd be VERY happy to play it ALL the time on a seperate gig.

Some questions. I recently saw Wayne Krantz play & his bass player...Tim LeFebvre was using a 4 string Precision. He was using some kind of octave effect and getting all these big, nasty, growling low notes...and making it sound like a REALLY cool 5 string(check out Wayne's Greenwich Mean CD) this a Boss Octave pedal?...the brown one? that the best to get?....Help!...I WANT that sound.

As a guitar player, I WILL NOT play amps without tubes. Do bass players feel the same way? most prefer tube amps?...divided?....I've seen lotsa GK amps being used...they are tubeless right? a matter of fact, Tim was using a borrowed(?) GK amp into a 4*10 Hartke cab.

What about my pu's...keep the EMG's in or put the originals back in?

SO...I'm gonna get a seperate head and cab...200 watts minimium?....what speaker cabs do you recommend?...all opinions are WELCOMED!....come on...set me straight!...get me on the right gear path!.....thanking you all in advance!

Take care


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